Who are we?

The Exklusiv brand was created in 2010 by helmet makers, vintage and motorcycle fanatics. Specialized in the creation of avant-garde helmets for city bikers, we are committed to offering you unique equipment and accessories!

Where does the name Exklusiv come from?

The uniqueness, inventiveness and elegance of our helmets express our creativity and our desire to promote the exclusivity of our products every day. With this objective in mind, we decided to create the Exklusiv brand with products designed in limited edition.

How would we describe the new Exklusiv 2024 collection?

We want to provide you with maximum protection while maintaining an atypical look with helmets with elegant, original designs inspired by the latest trends. For several years now, we have been giving pride of place to vintage, which we are going to bring back to the forefront!


A complete line of retro-inspired yet innovatively designed motorcycle helmets including :

  • Vintage inspired full face helmets with unique comfort,
  • Mini-jet helmets with aviator visor,
  • Jet helmets with internal sunglasses,
  • Technological and innovative modular helmets.

The new Exklusiv 2024 collection is entirely thought and designed in France and offers you in limited editions several styles of helmets inspired by the current trends but also by the urban culture.

The brand ensures maximum comfort through its customized interiors with several lining options available: breathable hypoallergenic fabric, embroidered faux leather or light and soft suede.

Our products benefit from additional customization thanks to numerous accessories sold separately: Vintage glasses, flat or bubble visors in color and smoke, innovative filtering masks or even caps that can be easily adapted thanks to the snap buttons.

At Exklusiv, we are concerned with all the stages through which our products pass: development, design, marketing and distribution. The entire range is available online and in an exclusive network of boutiques and concept stores. All helmets are certified and approved (ECE2205) for the French and European market. Because every biker deserves to ride in style, we design our helmets as original and authentic fashion accessories to match your look.